Most Frequently Asked Horses Questions

How Many Horses Can We Bring To Sea Horse?

One to Six Horses are welcome at 'Sea Horse'.


We welcome between 1 – 6  horses at any one time at Sea Horse.

This ensures that there is plenty of room for each horse to run, roll, relax and graze.

How Far Away Is The Beach?

The Beach is Just A Quick and Easy Ride Away!

Beautiful Diamond Beach is an easy 12 minute ride away from Sea Horse, along wide grassy verges and through a quiet little village.  

Turn left at the top of the Sea Horse driveway, ride down to the roundabout, turn right and then its straight ahead until your horses hooves are in the sand.

Once you're settled here at Sea Horse, there's no need to hook your float up and load  your horses again to get to the beach or forest trails - they're all in super easy riding distance.   


You might even want to stop for or pick up a "ride-through" cappuccino on the way back from riding on the beach!

Tell Me About Riding On The Beach

You’re going to LOVE it!  It’s a dream Bucket List Experience!

Salty sea breeze in your hair, sun warm on your face, sparkling waves rolling in - maybe you'll  even spot some of our resident dolphin pod or migrating humpback whales breaching and spouting!   Riding your own horse on Diamond Beach is a truly horse owner's dream come true.

Horses are welcome on Diamond Beach at any time... 6 kilometres of glorious golden sands, where you can ride all the way up the beach to Saltwater Lagoon.

You’ll probably have most of the beach to just you and your horse most days - particularly out of peak holiday times.  Turn right once your horses hooves hit the sand for a short easy ride down and around the little head land to the rocks and back.  Turn left for a long ride up the beach and up to Saltwater Lagoon. 


No fear of motor vehicles disturbing your beach ride - vehicles are not permitted on Diamond Beach and after approx 500m there is no access to the beach except by walking along the beach, so it's mostly just you and your horse.

It’s important that you read and follow the ‘Rules for Horse Riding on the Beach’ guidelines sheet we’ll give you on arrival (or find it in our Welcome Folder) so you can help keep our beautiful Diamond Beach ‘horse friendly’ and welcoming for many years to come.

Sometimes horses that haven’t been on the beach or seen the ocean before, may require a little confidence building/encouragement from you to start with, but they usually settle quite quickly.    

Most people enjoy seeing horses on the beach, so give them a smile and wave as you go past.  Please remember, pedestrians on the beach always have Right of Way.

You can ride on the beach as many times as you like during your stay here at Sea Horse.  Morning, Noon and Night.  Be there on the beach early and welcome a spectacular sunrise to start the day or how about a beach ride with friends on a bright full moon night?  

Is There A Fee For Horses Staying At Sea Horse?



A $50 Horse Fee applies for each horse staying at Sea Horse.


This fee is per horse, per stay  (not per night).

How Many Stables Are There?

Three Large, Airy Stables.


3 large, concrete floored, airy stables are available for your horses use - Free Of Charge.


The stables each have solid concrete feed bins, plastic water bins plus bright lights, power and water and each stable opens directly into the lush, grassy paddock.  


Located close behind (20 steps in fact!) the house - you could do a midnight visit to the your horse in the stables, just because you can.


Fresh, rice hull bedding is available (additional fee applies) if you would like to stable your horse overnight during your beach holiday with your horse.  We do find that most of our guests  prefer to leave their horses out in the paddock to enjoy the lush grazing as much as possible, using the stables (without bedding) as individual feeding bays only.


Please let us know in advance if you would like bedding, so we can have it ready in the stable for your horses use when you arrive at Sea Horse.

Tell Me About The Paddock

Lush 2 Acre Paddock Just for Your Horse.


The paddock is located close behind and in view of all the main living areas of the house and the pool.  You can float in the pool or sunbake on the pool deck and watch your horse happily grazing or playing in the paddock!  How cool is that!

Your horse(s) have exclusive use of our lush 2 acre, pasture improved paddock during their stay.


Paddock fencing is predominantly 5 strand wire and timber post fencing.


There is a cool and shady, fresh water rainforest creek area at the bottom of the paddock where your horse can enjoy snoozing under the large cool trees on a hot day if they wish.


A large ‘bath tub’ water bin also provides drinking water for the horses.

Can We Bring/Use Electric Fences?

Yes You Can.


You can bring electric fence yards to use for horses not stabled, if you feel you need/would like to separate any of your groups horses during your stay at Sea Horse.

Please ensure your horses are experienced with them before arrival.

Do We Need To Bring Feed Bins?

No – They’re All Supplied For You.

Each stable is equipped with solid concrete ‘wash tub' type feed bins and generous sized water bins for your horses use during their stay at Sea Horse.


Large feed bins are provided for any horses fed in the paddock and a large ‘bathtub’ water bin is located in the paddock for additional water.

Can We Check In Early With Our Horses?



Standard Check In time is from 3pm.

If you are arriving early with your horses, please let us know as you are welcome to unload your horses and get them settled into the paddock and your float parked at the back of the property prior to check in time.


You can then head off to the beach for a swim, coffee, lunch etc until 3pm.

Where Do We Park Our Horse Floats?

Floats Are Parked At The Back Of The Property.


Space restrictions behind the house and at the stables, mean that horses are unloaded at the front of the property and then (once your horse and gear is unloaded) you’ll park your float at the back of the property. 


The float parking area is located at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac, in a fenced paddock at the rear of our property.  It is a secure and easily accessible location for you – usually under the surveillance of an alert Doberman and Boxer.  You have 24 hour access to your float. 


Please note that we do not have a truck unloading ramp.

Is There More Than Beach Riding?

Yes - Forest Riding!


Many miles of lovely forest roads and tracks are just a short ride further down the road – we’ll give you directions.

Can We Ride On The Property?



Insurance restrictions prohibit you riding on the property at any time.


Simply lead your horse up to the front gate and go from there.

Is Horse Feed Available?



Complimentary lucerne hay is provided for your horse on arrival, to help it relax and settle in quickly. 


Hay and Feed deliveries can be arranged prior to your arrival if you desire, so it’s all here waiting for you.

Please ask for details.

Are There Ticks?

At Times.


The eastern seaboard, north of Sydney, is a recognized tick zone. 


Ticks are not an issue for horses – more a nuisance, but your horse may show up in small lumps. These little lumps subside after a couple of days, but can be unnerving for those horse owners not used to them. 


Please investigate tick prevention/control measures prior to arriving if you desire – usually a tick rinse or insecticide wash type product is quite suitable. 

What About Hendra & Other Vaccinations & Worming?

Sea Horse is located well below the official Hendra ‘zone’.


Fruit bats are a native Australian mammal and readily found throughout Australia.

If your horse is not vaccinated, please educate yourself on and implement sound feed/water practices in line with the recommended Hendra guidelines whilst you are here.

We would greatly appreciate you worming your horses approx 1 week before visiting Sea Horse and that their vaccinations are up to date.

What about Wallabies, Native Wildlife, Birds & Neighbouring Livestock?

​Wallabies occasionally quietly pass through the paddock or can be spotted grazing the grass around the rainforest creek area (by keeping the area ‘wild’ we do our best to encourage it).  Horses are generally not disturbed by their presence.

Apart from the huge variety of birds that also call Sea Horse home eg Lorikeets, King Parrots, Native Doves, Rosellas, Pink Galahs (etc) and who often  come in to feed from the bird feeder hanging outside the dining room glass doors, we also have a resident family of friendly Magpies.  Just be aware they can become a bit ‘anxious’ when they have babies in the nest or having recently fledged, so please keep an eye out for them.  They do not interact with the horses.

At different times there may be cattle, sheep or horses in neighbouring paddocks.  

Where is the local horse vet?

In the unlikely event you’ll need a vet whilst you’re here, these are their contact details:

Adrian Owen, Mobile Veterinarian - 0419 276 794

Valley Vets, Wingham - 6557 0000

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