Tell Me About ....... Arrow Squid

January 25, 2017




One of the most prolific animals in the southern Australian oceans, Arrow Squid (or for the more technically minded - Nototodarus gouldi) can be found in a wide range of ocean waters - from coastal estuaries right through to the deep ocean canyons.  


In Australia they are commonly known as 'Arrow' squid but can also be called Gould's Squid, Torpedo Squid or Aeroplane/Aero Squid.


Eye catchingly white and beautifully translucent during the day, they turn bright red at night.



Arrow Squid are schooling animals, remaining in the deep ocean depths during the day and coming to the surface at night (particularly full moons) to feed.  A staple food for tuna, swordfish, deep ocean dolphins and sperm whales, they are otherwise reasonably short lived, up to about 12 months.


"Squid are specialists in the open sea. Slick and speedy and with torpedo-shaped bodies, squid rocket through the water by squirting water through their siphons. Fins along their sides act like the wings of jets, steadying them as they go.

Squid have eight arms, but they also have two longer appendages, called tentacles, specialized for capturing prey in the open ocean" -


Its not uncommon to find an Arrow Squid washed up on Diamond Beach.  What's the most interesting thing you've found washed up on a beach?


What might you discover on the beach when you holiday at Sea Horse Diamond Beach.   We're taking bookings now for 2017.


See you on the beach.




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