Horse Lovers Valentines Day

Giving the experience of holidaying with your horse as a Valentines Gift is not necessarily something that would automatically pop into your mind at this romantic time of the year.

But according to research undertaken by Professor Thomas Gilovich of Cornell University, chances are you’ll not only be happier yourself if buy your special someone an experience and not a ‘thing’, but so will your Valentine.

Happy shared experiences – particularly if they are new and exciting ones, like a beach holiday with your own horse or riding your horse along a beach (something that is on most horse owners/riders Bucket Lists anyway) – will reap more relationship benefits than any jewellery or gadgets according to US relationship expert, Art Aron.

So remember, sometimes it’s the shared encounter, the thrills and exciting or memorable time together that’s more important than any gizmo or gadget, chocolates or flowers. Time is precious, get out and make some happy memories together this Valentines Day.

See you on the beach


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